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they,ve discovered when the universe began and when it will end,but do they know how big it is?

Are we as Spike milligan says "all our universe is just a molicule in a leg of a big chair being sat on by a being ..asking how big is the universe?

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They have an idea when the universe started but when it will end is very uncertain.

Unlike "men in black" I think we have a good idea of the extent of the universe.

The method of the demise of the universe is not speculated upon too often it is too controversial.

The present consensus it about 13.5 billion years,but there may be reasons why it may be much smaller.

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I know it's a flimsy response, but the truth is that, in all likelihood, no man will ever know how large the entire universe is. It's simply vaste, beyond human comprehension. We can explore as much of it as is humanly possible; we can send sattelites, probes, rockets, monkeys- and we'll never really know for sure.

There just aren't enough years in a single human's lifetime to explore the reaches; and no transmitter strong enough.