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Density, Mole, Volume, Experiment, Chemistry, Mass?

1) A spherical ball of lead has a diameter of 4.00 cm. What is the mass of the sphere if lead has a density of 11.34 g/cm3. (The volume of a sphere is (4/3) πr3 where r is the radius.)


2) An experiment requires 15.1 g of cyclohexane, whose density at 25°C is 0.7781 g/mL. What volume of cyclohexane should be used?


3)A cylindrical rod formed from silicon is 16.3 cm long and has a mass of 2.11 kg. The density of silicon is 2.33 g/cm3. What is the diameter of the cylinder? (The volume of a cylinder is given by πr2h, where r is the radius, and h is its length.)


4) After the label fell off a bottle containing a clear liquid believed to be benzene, a chemist measured the density of the liquid to verify its identity. A 25.0-mL portion of the liquid had a mass of 21.95 g. A chemistry handbook lists the density of benzene at 25°C as 0.8787 g/mL. Is the calculated density in agreement with the tabulated value?

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