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Theoretical Yield, Experiment, AP Chemistry!! NEED HELP DON'T GET IT?

When ethane (C2H6) reacts with chlorine (Cl2) the main product is C2H5Cl; but other products containing Cl (chlorine), such as C2H4Cl2, are also obtained in small quantities. The formation of these other products reduces the yield of C2H5Cl. In a certain experiment 185 g of C2H6 reacts with 205 g of Cl2.

(a) Assuming that C2H6 and Cl2 react only to form C2H5Cl and HCl, calculate the theoretical yield of C2H5Cl.


(b) Calculate the percent yield of C2H5Cl if the reaction produced 162 g of C2H5Cl.


Correct Sig Figs please!

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