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find the slope of the line between the two points:?


A 1/3

B 5/3

C 13/13

D 3/5

i'm not sure how to do this so if you can help please do help me work this out..

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You take the y-coordinate of the second point (8,9) and subtract it with the y-coordinate of the first point (5,4). Then put that over the x-coordinate of the second point (8,9) minuse the x-coordinate of the first point (5,4).

Official Equation: (Y2 - Y1)/(X2 -X1)

Work: (9-4)/(8-5) = 5/3

Answer: B. 5/3

Hope that helped :D

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the slope is the difference of y's over the difference of x's.

so you take one y and subtract the other one from it.

underneath it (bottom of fraction line) you do the same thing with the x's. sooo. you would do 9-4 over 8-5. your answer would be 5 over 3 sooo B. hopefully that makes sense.

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first, label the points 5 is x subscript 1, 4 is y subscript 2

8 is x subscript 2, 9 is y subscript 2

Then plug them in the slope formula which is y subscript 2 minus y subscript 1 divided by x subscript 2 minus x subscript 1. That gives us 9 - 4 divided by 8 - 5. That gives us 5 divided by 3 which is 5/3 or 1 2/3

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If you graphed these, you'd be able to see the slope. This is how to calculate it:

Slope is rise over run, right? That means y / x since the y axis goes up and down and the x axis goes left to right.

Take the difference between the y coordinates, which in this case are 4 and 9.

(y2 - y1) = (9 - 4) = 5

Now take the difference between the x coordinates, which in this case are 5 and 8.

(x2 - x1) = (8 - 5) = 3

Now use that rule that slope = y / x.

y / x = 5 / 3

Therefore, your slope is 5/3 for the line between those two points. The answer is B. I hope this helped!

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It's D..b/c ...u basically subtract..(8,9) -(5,4)...so..8-5 = 3 and 9-4 = 5...

and since...Slope = Rise/ Run,...u have 3/5

As simple as that =)