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Why is it considered unusual that I can spell?

I've noticed this recently. More and more often, my classmates, coworkers and peers are impressed that I can spell things correctly.

This is a basic language skill. I learned it in the first grade. When did it become unusual? More importantly, WHY did it become unusual?

I see signs all too often that are misspelled. I see misspellings and grammatical errors in newspapers and published books. Once, I could put these down to typos. But when it's the same word consistently misspelled?

I've gotten praise because I understand basic spelling and grammar guidelines. This shouldn't be praiseworthy, it should be an everyday thing.

If you're someone who spells lyke dis, why do you do that?

If you're someone who doesn't, what do you think of it?

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Because today many people can't spell that well, in fact the grammatical education of children is going down every year mainly because of the excessive use of internet language. Don't think its weird you can spell good, but take it as a blessing and use it!

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44 years old and still make errors. Thank God for spell check