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science engineering major?

i really like the experimentaion part of science but im not a big fan of math involved.i know math is important but ive been told that in science and engineering math isnt everything its creativity that counts alot ( to think of new things ect). for instance, in chemistry, i really enjoy the experiments we do and i think im pretty good at doing them but when we do the balancing eqations and things like that it takes a bit more work to understand them. ive been told that after doing alot of math you become better but am i going over my head? is this a good choice for me??

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Both are experimental approach, But you have to stick with your interest to success.

Maths is nothing than a proof.

Example: 1+1=2, but why not 3 or other number. Because, it was provided and everyone able understand easily. If your more experimental personal and your interested in research, then joint to National University of Singapore, which is right place for research.

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Hey ... Don't get discouraged already. Go ahead with engineering, we've all been through it!

Don't worry, just take it as it comes and before you know it you'll be out of it.