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Is the sperm cell/ egg cell considered a foreign material by the immune system of a woman? Why?

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Yes for sperm because it is not from a woman's own body.

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Yes. There is a very low change that the pregnancy can go full term, the exact number, i don't know. But think about it, does it really seem normal to have a human growing inside of a human? Or do you think the immune system would try to get it out?

Now if you look at them separately. The egg is naturally in the female. It takes 1 sperm to fertilize an egg. If the body didn't see it as a threat, why would one ejaculation produce MILLIONS of sperm, if one is all it takes? Because the sperm can either die on its own or attacked by the females white blood cells so the body can kill the foreign object.


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I consider it life.

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Apparently. I had a miscarriage and that is exactly, almost to the word, what they told me. "Your body must have rejected the baby as a foreign body" That was it... no other reason. I don't know why, but it doesn't seem natural does it?