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What makes the South Atlantic region of the United States unique?

What makes this region more unique than the other regions of the United States? This region includes the states Maryland,Delaware, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and West Virgina.

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Is it the coal? I think there is more coal there than anywere else. Probalbly not thats more the northern region of the south atlantic or WV.

The lighthouses are along the coast are spectacular - but that does not include WV. The big ones I can think of are cultural and include musical styles (slow down of country music and the upbeat dirty south tempo), Civil War, and great food. We go down there for vacation every couple of years and I love the dogwoods in the spring. thats all i got.

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I can think of several things, none of them are good.

Former slave states

Low education

Lots of inbreeding

That horrible southern accent

High humidity and heat

More mosquitos and other pesky insects than most places

No place to go snowmobiling


I'll add more if I think of anything else.

Reference: proud to be a yankee