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Is it necessary to be disrespectful to women in order to denounce modern feminism?

Frequently comments are posted that indicate an ideological position opposing modern feminism. When conducted in a respectful manner, a fair and thoughtful debate may follow.

More often, however, comments opposing modern feminism are laced with demeaning language, sometimes even truly misogynistic statements. Does the anti-feminist movement believe in promoting hate and lies, or is this a case of people who hate women being attracted to the ideals of anti-feminism?

Also, can anti feminists differentiate between classical, modern and postmodern feminism, or do they lump all feminists into one category for their convenience?

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True feminists need to police their radical friends. The Radicals in feminism have all the power change the distribution of power and make a good difference, people will start to come around.

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people with brains the size of a pea will throw insults around as they do not have the intellectual capacity to make well-reasoned arguments.