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Bossy coworker. What should I do?

I am in a leader position at work over a team (just acquired this position recently), and one of my team members comes across as real bossy to me. She takes care of things on her own that are ultimately my responsibility. However, so far I've experienced that with her doing all those things, with the rest of things I have to take care of, I barely have enough time to get that done. So in a way I am really glad that she is helping me out, and she is real smart too, she's good at what she does. But I feel like I should be the one delegating and telling her when to do what, rather than her just making her own decisions. Also she jumps at the opportunity to answer questions from other team members, making suggestions on how I should do certain things... It's almost as if she acts as a wanna-be team leader, without having to take the responsibilities like I do. How do I handle that situation?

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First she need to realize that you are in charge and not her. And she probably feels that she should have your position and she is probably trying to out shine you. And she is probably trying to make a point to someone that she is the real canidate for the position.

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Tell her straightforward, you don't have the authority to tell me how I should do my job. If she gives you any backtalk tell her to go get the boss to come tell you to obey what she says, otherwise keep doing things the way you want to. You don't have to take crap from anyone who hasn't been established as your leader by your boss

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ignore him/her