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Have you noticed that kids are more interested in ET aliens...?

....for which there is absolutely no scientific evidence, than the truth about Apollo and mankinds first and last "real" space missions.

Fiction is more real to them than reality. That is sad for the world.

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They're kids, they also watch cartoons with talking animals. If your point is that kids today don't care about the space program like kids in the 60's did, the reason should seem obvious. The space programs are not in the spotlight today like they were in decades past, and most adults, even the ones who watched the first lunar landing, probably don't spend much of their time thinking about space programs. The future moon base and potential mission to Mars will likely grab the world's attention like the first lunar landing did. In the meantime, you should just be thankful that a lack of interest in Apollo is your main concern for today's children.

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Wait, are you saying they believe or that they show interest in aliens. If it is just interest then I see no problem. It is this interest that have driven the technological revolution we are seeing now. The flip open cell phones came from star trek and a long list of other things.

If you are saying that people believe that aliens come to earth to kidnap poor unsuspecting hillbillies and give them an anal probe then I agree with you that that is a problem.