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Biology questions!! 10 points to best answer!!!! please hurry!!!?


1) Mendel used__________plants in his experiments .

2) In peas, both male and female sex cells-- ____________________-- are in the same flower.

3) ________________________ occurs when the male gamete fuses with the female gamete.

4) Mendel used the process called _____________________ when he wanted to breed one plant with another.

5) Mendel carefully _________________________ his experiments and the peas he used.

6) Mendel studied only one _________________________ at a time and analyzed his data mathematically.

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Mendel used PEA plants in his experiments.

In peas, both made and female sex cells STAMEN AND PISTIL.

Mendel carefully CROSS BREEDED his experiments and the peas he used.

Mendl studied only one HYBRID at a time and analiyed his data mathematically.

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1) pea

2) im not sure

3) im not sure

4) genetic engineering

5) examined

6) pea plant