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How many people are living there dreams?

What are they? How did you achieve this? Are you loving it?

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You have to quit living your life for this one and that one and what society says were suppose to be or have, be true to yourself no matter if it means less money, happiness and love should come 1st, I think. I.m selling my property and I'm going to buy a 5th wheel and travel across the country, meet new people, see new places. I have a home based business so i don't have to wait till i retire, hell i might be too sick then, get it now! some times there isn't tomorrow it's too late. Every persons journeys different so find your truth!!!!!

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Depends on what kind of dreams....

One wiseman says : Life is a game so play it

Life is a challange, meet it

Life is a journey ,go through it

Life is love ,share it and

Life is a dream , realize it


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I am. And I think more people would if they were really honest about what their dream is. I think there is too much pressure on people today to be a super success. It is hard for me to admit my dream, because it seems so insignificant, but I was honest with myself, and my husband, and you know what? I am loving it! I wish more people were too.

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No...but I never dreamed that I'd have a career and be living in southern California. I like it a lot. Life is unpredictable. In my dreams I had wanted to be an astronaut. My dream now is to retire early and be a writer. That isn't a dream though, it is a goal. To live my dreams I'd have to win the lottery or find that I had supernatural super powers.

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wow, nice question !!!!!!!!!

love, good sex, with my soulmate , or if I cant get her then somebody as much like her as I can get

not there yet, she kinda likes me, though she keeps sayin NO

its ok, with beer, life is like a 5 maybe

Reference: just kind of waitin, with a little motivation I could do great things, if and when I feel like it