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Please help with these two Chemistry questions?

I've looked all over for the answers, but cannot find them anywhere :/

1) Why do real gases deviate from ideal gases at low temperatures?

A. The volume occupied by molecules becomes a significant part of the total volume

B. Masses of individual particles increase as kinetic energy decreases

C. Attractions molecules cause a reduction in volume (I know it can't be this)

2) During an effusion experiment, oxygen gas passed through a tiny hole 2.5 times faster than the same number of moles of another gas under the same conditions. what is the molar mass of the unknown gas? (note: the molar mass of oxygen gas is 32.0 g/mol)

A 2.5 g

B. 2.0 x 10^2 g (I think it's this)

C. 1.3 x 10^1 g

D. 80 g


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