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are me and my sister identical twins... very complicated?

my sister and i are 15 years old, we have all the same traits (eye color/hair/nose/mouth/face shape/body etc) and we even have almost the exact same voice, same mannerisms and everything. we also experience some twin telepathy (im not crazy i sware! you have to experience it to believe it... i would be a skeptic too).

except here's the thing. she is blind and i am not. she was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa and it advanced abnormally fast (usually takes about 20 years to cause complete blindness but for her took only 5 years)

does this mean that we are not identical but we just loook a lot alike?

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There was a study done on some cloned cats. Even though they shared DNA, their coats had different striping patterns. You can be identical and not be "identical." I'm sorry about your sister.