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Why can't hispanics learn english?

I am from Brazil, I came to Miami in 1994 and learned english. Why now, at work and everywhere I go I have to speak spanish? I am really tired of it!!! If you want to live in a country, the least you can do is learn the country's language, not doing so is a profound disrespect to the country and a clear message that you are not capable of learning. It hurts businesses that hire people who do not speak english (for a reason I don't know), and it limits the spanish only speaking person that will never get anywhere without english. I have called a hotel once to book a room, and the person who answered the phone not only answered with a "alo" in spanish when she should have said the name of the hotel, but when I spoke in english she said in spanish "I don't speak english" and hung up the phone!!! This is insane. Let's not forget the restaurants that get the orders wrong etc.. We who have learned english as a 2nd language should not have to not speak it because others are lazy to learn!!!

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Yes, though it may be 'sad' that people have to learn a second language, still it cannot be helped. Some are too old to learn the language. I personally think it is great to learn a different language, considering that I am Hispanic, and was born here. Those of you who say that learning a second language is terrible are obviously narrow-minded and hate learning anything new. When you visit a different country you sometimes have to learn their language or if not someone there speaks YOUR language, so suck it up and deal.

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There is no official langauge in the United States!

Stop asking these qeustions!

It's a free country!

You can speak any langauge you want to, and you don't have to learn a languages that you don't want to it's up to you!

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your right and if anyone makes u translate for a person and u dont want to then just tell them u dont want to i know English as a second language but i learned at the same time as my other language i hate it when people ask me translate for someone else