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how to push someone down every time?

my dad was watching a show but forgets what it was called and it got me curious.. he said it was something about exerting a force so your able to push someone down every single time no matter the size difference.. so does anyone know how or a website i could visit that would explain it or the name of the show?

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I know not the programme you refer to. All I can add by way of a 'scientific / physics answer' is what follows.

For any vertical structure, if it is not rigidly fixed to the ground and does not have any auxiliary supporting structures similarly attached, such as a rope or chains, relies on one simple fact for its vertical stability. This is that the line of action of the centre of mass of the structure must pass through the area enclosed by those parts of the structure that are supporting the structure on the ground. Otherwise, the weight acting downwards falls outside this area and a turning moment becomes established - and the structure falls over. Note that the magnitude of the weight does not feature as a requirement of this stability test.

So - if a very heavy person can be pushed just enough so that the line of action of his centre of mass falls outside where his shoes are on the ground - he'll fall over.

Obviously, for this to be successful, it is a great advantage if the 'victim' is unaware of the 'approaching push', so that he doesn't take evasive action - like leaning forwards - or backwards - thus shifting the line of action of his centre of mass in advance.

And that is why if you do feel someone - or something - pushing you, you automatically lean against the line of action of that pushing force - unless, of course, you want to be pushed over.