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Can you anwser the following Questions?

These questions are all about the element Tungsten...

1- # of energy levels

2- # of valence electrons

3- Melting point (C)

4-Solid, liquid, gas

5-Metal, nonmetal, Metalloid

6- what color is it?

7-When was it discovered?

8-Who discovered it?

9-Where was it founded?

10-List some uses.




Anwser all that you can. I had to do it for a project like 3 years ago and i found it in one of my own notebooks. I wondered if people knew anything about this anwser. If you get the best anwser then got the most right.

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5 Orbitals (tricky d orbitals!)

2 valence electrons?

melting point- 3422

Solid unless you're really dang hot

Transition metal

gray-white ish like most metals


Jose and Fausto Elhuyar got the credit for discovering it

in Spain (two answers at once there)

We most often use it in lightbulbs for filaments as well as filaments and such in x-rays

Funny...my chem teacher was just going off on a tangent about tungsten the other day, good thing i took notes...he said it will be on our final =o

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Tungsten's initial name was Wolfram. That's about all I remember. That is why it has chem symbol W.