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Explain, how an electron can move up an energy level and how it is able to return to its previous”ground stat?

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an electron revolves around a proton because the proton attracts the electron thus holding it close to it. Its like you are walking a dog you are the proton and the dog is the electron. An electron with more energy can get way from the proton more and rise to another level. For example if your dog has alot of energy and pulls on your leash it can get further away from you.

An electron can absorb energy from light or heat etc and go up to another level.

However, at that higher level the electron is unstable and will want to go back tto normal so it release its energy and goes back down to its original level. Its like if a dog runs away from its leash because it has a lot of energy it will still want to get back to you because it is more comfortable near you.

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Reference: BRAIN