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I need help with my 7th grade homework please!?

  1. In mrs.Stevens class, there 3 boys for every 2 girls. If there 30 students in her 4th period class, how many are boys?

  2. In mrs.Huber's 8th period class of 45 students, eight out of ten students received an A on the last test. How many got an A on the last test.

3.Lisa is painting a fence that 26 feet long and 7 feet tall. A gallon of paint will cover 350 square feet. Write and solve a proportion to determine how many gallons of paint Lisa will need.

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  1. There are three boys for every two girls. 3+2=5, so divide 30 by 5. Of course the answer is 6, so multiply 6 by 3 and you have 18 boys, then 6 by 2 and you have 12 girls.

  2. All you have to do here is set up the proportion like so:


Cross multiply and you will get a simple algebraic problem: 10x=360, divide 360 by 10 for x.

x=36 students received A's.

  1. For this one, you know you have to set up the proportion so that 26 will be multiplied by 7 for the total square feet of the fence. It only makes sense to divide this answer by how much a gallon of paint will cover in order to figure out how many gallons you would require, so you will set up the problem like this:


You will get the result


x=0.52 gallons of paint.

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3 i estimated 1 galoon of paint is enough because if you get the area in ftsquared it = 182 ftsquared and 1 gallon = 350 ftsquared