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Does this poem fit the theme "Everywhere"?

A Crayon Colored World

I watch the lime-green bluebirds fly

in a V-shaped band across a tangerine sky

The purple sun peeks silently from

behind the red grass hills where children come

Laughing and singing a new kind of song

and gaze at lilac clouds in a world where all belong

A smile is stretched across every child's face

and there is a feeling of hope, love, and grace.

The apples on trees are as blue as can be

and the yellow flowing ocean stretches as far as you can see.

I look out of my window on a crayon colored world

Drinking orange hot chocolate on the chair where I am curled

Dreaming of this perfect life out there

where children play without a single care

Where dreams are dreamed and hope is real

and every child knows how love can feel

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