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Easy frequency question?

I am studying for a test and I notice there are 2 equations for frequency. frequency = (speed of light)/(wavelength) and another equation says frequency =wavelength/(2*pi)

Suppose wavelength = 800 * 10 ^ -6... So fequency = 3*10^8/800*10^-6 = 3.75*10^11 Hz

and frequency also = 800*10^-6/(2*pi) = 1.27*10^-4 Hz

I thought maybe those answers would be the same but they aren't!!!

The example im looking at in my book says they divide 800*10^-6 by (2*pi*10^-12).

Idk what is going on. Which formula is correct. Both of these are used in my book but they both give different answers. Thanks for the help :)

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