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Someone help me please???!!?

I have to do an essay on figurative language in the poem "childhood" by Margaret Walker, and I'm having a hard time understanding the repetition of the word "red" in it. I also am having a hard time understanding what the last stanza means. PLEASE HELP! Thank you SO much. If you don't know the poem, here it is:



When I was a child I knew red miners

dressed raggedly and wearing carbide lamps.

I saw them come down red hills to their camps

dyed with red dust from old Ishkooda mines.

Night after night I met them on the roads,

or on the streets in town I caught their glance;

the swing of dinner buckets in their hands,

and grumbling undermining all their words.

I also lived in low cotton country

where moonlight hovered over ripe haystacks,

or stumps of trees, and croppers’ rotting shacks

with famine, terror, flood, and plague near by;

where sentiment and hatred still held sway

and only bitter land was washed away.

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