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Should I not go to school for Medical Technology if my hands shake?

Will this get better over time? I attend a community college now and I am considering switching majors to MLT or applying directly to the BS program, but I don't want to start this program if my dexterity may come into question. I even took a test that tests that accuracy of your hand-eye coordination and it wasn't good. I AM good at math and science, though. I have already taken a year of general chemistry and a year of calculus.

Will I be OK for this field?

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If you have a benign essential tremor, or a Familial essential tremor, it can be controlled. One test is to take about an ounce and an half of whiskey. Evaluate your tremor before and after about 10 minutes. If the tremor is better, it is probably essential tremor. Then go see a Neurologist and tell him about your experiment with whiskey. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL to treat your tremor. It is a test, not a treatment. Characteristics of benign tremor. Postural tremor, not an action tremor. Worse when adrenaline is flowing- anger, stress, fear, make it worse. Surprisingly, tranquilizers do not help much. If you are young, have had the tremor for years, and it is not progressively getting worse, it is likely essential. If it is getting worse, it may be other diseases. I do not believe in undercutting the treating physician by providing a list of conditons in the differential diagnosis for you to Google. It is a bit of a turn off when they come in with a binder full of articles about what they are sure they have. I had the minister of the big Baptist church in town- he was treating his tremor he got before sermon ( stress) with communion wine, in considerable amounts. He was also giving some very interesting sermons. Saved his job by letting him preach without shaking and without being drunk. Another patient of mine was a US Congessman, whose tremor got so bad before he had to give a speech, he had to get half loaded to give it. His reputation was that he was a lush, either shaking ( from withdrawal , they thought) or drunk. Cured his tremor, but he was not re-elected anyway. Get checked.

Reference: Neurologist

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1] can you thread a needle? If so, coordination is prob OK

2] are you also able to slice/chop veggies; open jars, etc?

3] what test did you take, and who gave it to you?

See 'Lab guy's answer, too!

Reference: RN

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Probably, yes but you should make doubly sure by taking expert opinion on it.