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What do you think is at the bottom of the deepest sea?

personally think there must be some kind of giant dinosaurs fish? what do you think?

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Its anybody guess. It full of meters thick debris and sediments accumulated over billion of years.

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It is called the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, which is sort of close to Guam.

We have been there 3 times, actually.

First, in the 1960's, in a manned deep submersible called a bathyscaphe, named the Trieste.

Then, many years later, the second and third voyages were in unmanned submersibles.

As far as all 3 missions could tell, there was no gigantic dinosaur fish. Mostly just small, almost delicate organisms that long ago evolved to live in such an extreme environment without light or a normal food and oxygen supply.

But at these depths, even the "normal" deep sea creatures that have evolved to live without light in other parts of the oceans cannot survive. The fish the other answerer mentioned lives at roughly 600 feet of depth. Well, the Challenger Deep is roughly 30,000 feet deep.

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At the Challenger Deep there are mostly microbes or microorganisms inhabiting the depths.

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Well it is pitch black at the bottom, extremely cold, and a lot of pressure so i'm guessing that there are smaller fish down there that can withstand it and are blind. They probably aren't really carnivores either considering not much life goes down there.