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What other animal besides the homo sapien has recreational sex?

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As far as I know, the more intelligent mammals (Apes, Porpoises, etc.) enjoy a little nookie now and then (I saw a chimp masturbate on discovery channel).Some think it's for stress releif but I think these animals have more Pleasure senses than others, and just like humans, can't help but enjoy and pursue this physical pleasure. These mammals also feel emotion like holding things dear to themselves (like a monkey with its favorite toy).

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I would say that such animals would have gone extinct since such acts would have been counterproductive to Nature's genetic programming for reproduction and species survival.

Humans differ in that they have evolved enough to be able to change and control their environment to ensure their continued existence despite sex not being limited to reproduction alone, although history has shown repeatedly that empires, cultures, and tribes that thrived on debauchery and sex (more often the male-dominated ones) will eventually cease to exist through overthrow, revolution or simply too much of a good thing...