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Perseid shower!!! please answer!!!?

if u know the answer please answer. can the perseid shower be seen on saturday and what time does it start in Califonia?


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Head out late tonight (especially if you can't stay up late tomorrow night - work calls, ya know?), and stare straight upward.

It's best if you are in a low light area- so you may want to drive out into the country. The meteors will come to night at the rate of 30 or so per hour, so it will be pretty impressive this evening - but it will be more than twice that tomorrow night.

There's a new moon now, so visibility will be even clearer.

And meteor showers don't necessarily 'start' at a specific time - they do peak, and this peak will be around 10-11 pm on Sunday, wherever you are. Meteors from this shower have been visible (but at a lower rate) for a few weeks, and will continue (again, at a lower rate) for a few weeks afterward.