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Something about love and homework... please help?

ok so i have some coin of character i have to do about love and i cant find answers so i come here for help, these questions are exactly how my directions state them (and remember this is about LOVE): 1.How would your life improve if u exihibited more of this quality? 2. What do u plan to do to grow this quality. 3. Why do u admire people with this quality?...ok there they are and i have no idea how i would answer these weird questions so PLEASE help...also does anyone know where i can find resouces about these questions?? and thanks for ur help

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  1. If you exhibited more love, people would be kinder. "If everyone cared and nobody cried, if everyone loved and nobody lied, if everyone shared and swallowed their pride, then we'd see the day that nobody died." I know that's a song lyric, but it seemed relevent. If you exhibited more love, it's like a smile. One smile leads to another, to another to another. More people will show love more often. It would just make things better~

  2. (I can't answer that for you, it's a personal question DX)

  3. So-and-so admires people with love because if someone shows love towards others they're generally happy. They're just more positive, and it's in human nature to be around things that make them happy. That's why nature attracts people, and that's why love is so appealing. People are naturally attracted to those who show love.

That's.....the best I could do..... sorry if they aren't quite "what the teacher is looking for" or anything....

Reference: my head ;D

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  1. Once upon a time in my life I was able to exhitit more of this quality.

  2. I was unable to continue to grow this quality.

  3. I admire people with this quality because they must not feel pain as much as I do when they are rejected.