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how do you feel on women's right and gender-based violence?

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As a formerly battered woman, I completely agree. I had my face broken by a guy I was dating and after all was said and done he was on a two year deferred sentence and later ended up in jail. When my husband and I were about to get married, I had a psychotic episode (I'm severely bipolar and black out sometimes) and my husband was holding me trying to calm me down. The police were called because they heard my screaming, and came in and saw him holding me. They arrested him for domestic violence even though I had no injury of any kind. Having been through this before with my former boyfriend, i was very upset. In court, they wanted him to serve 6 months minimum in jail, and the district attorney would not even look at the medical records I had brought to defend him. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and didn't deserve any of what happened. I saw a couple of men in there who, were completely abused by their female partners. One was hurt so bad he had to walk with a cane and was on oxygen. The women received deferred sentences, when there was an obvious injury on the victim. They wanted a 6 mo. minimum for my husband who obviously didn't hurt me? We had to hire a lawyer who finally cleared everything up 6 months later.

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women are easy targets, they have to defend themselves

get pepper spray or a taser