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Please rate this quote 1 to 10 and why?

"I'm at a loss for a sense of words, so what I'm trying to say is going to seem completely absurd; remember the story I told you I heard?"

I made that quote up myself and I'm thinking of using it for my senior yearbook quote... Most people read it on the simple level and dont think about its inner meaning... So read it and tell me what you think it means then read the explanation and tell me how you feel about it after.

MEANING: This quote means that you are forcing me to pick a sentence/line that sums up these fun years in hs, but "I'm at a loss of words." I dont know what to say to sum the fun moments up, so I'm going to sound crazy attempting to say it... BUT REMEMBER those nice thing i did say.... those stories i did tell... and those things that I did do...

Now is that clever or do you think I should use it?

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