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The fall of the house of usher (answers)this i need help?

During the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year, when the clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens, i had been passing alone, on horseback, through a singularly dreary tract of country; and at length found myself, as the shades of evening drew on, within view of the melancholy house of usher.i know not how it was; but, with the first glimpse of the building, a sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit. i say insufferable; for the feeling was unrelieved by any of that half-pleasurable, because poetic, sentiment, with which the mind usually receives even the sternest natural images of the desolate or terrible.


1)Which of the following phrases best helps you understand the setting of the selection ?

a) "i had been passing alone"

b) "singularly dreary tract of country"

c) "i know not how it was"

d) "that half-pleasurable, because poetic, sentiment"

2)Why do you think the author includes the house in this opening description?

a) to make the reader feel at home

b) to show that the narrator notices everything

c) to suggest a connection between the house and one or more

d) to show where the narrator lives

3)Judging from the tile, what can you infer?

a) the story will involve some kind of collapse

b) the story may have an unexpected ending

c) the narrator is extremely troubled

d) the narrator will be injured by the end of the story

4) What does the speaker reveal about himself when he says that the "sternest natural images of the desolate or terrible" are usually "half-pleasurable"?

a) he usually has an optimistic view of life

b) he is a very lonely person

c) he is looking forward to the end of his journey

d) he finds some enjoyment in experiencing terrible things

5) Which of the following themes is best demonstrated in this selection?

a) the relationship between characters and their surrounding

b) the struggle between people and their natural environment

c) a person's attempt to control science

d) the relationship of storytelling to reality

6) What can you infer from the narrator's description?

a) he cannot see the house very well

b) the house has an eerie quality

c) he is eager to reach the house

d) the house is in very good condition

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