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Is There Any Living Being In TheOuter Space?

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yes i strongly believe there is or... there are.

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Depends on your definition of outer space. If outer space starts at the edge of our atmosphere, then there are two people who know of living in it, orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station

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In the other milkyway, yes.

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There is no way to know for sure but if you think about it logicaly it is hard to imagine that there isn't. There are Billions of stars in our Galaxy with planets and there are billion of galaxies and an infinate universe. What are the chances that life only managed to form on one planet in all the hundreds of billions out there. Now that doesn't mean there are any super advanced civiliazations that have the capabilities of traveling hundreds of millions of lightyears in space craft or even a civilization as advanced as ours. But it is likely that there is some kind of life somewhere.

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what you think we are alone in this universe??????...not hardly