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In order for history to be a successful teacher, language to be a useful tool, and knowledge a legitimate search, one must believe that there is order and consistency to the universe. Who or what other than God can provide such a base? - Me Life is a book, written long ago! The only thing the reader, you and I, can do is stop reading and miss the amazing opportunity for adventure on the next page! - Me Freedom, is irrefutability, mans greatest endowment! - Me What, of that which is in internal, has not come from that which is external? – Me

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Weigh in, a though on Einsteins General Relativity?
Is foraging the same in MO as GA? Do the two basically have the same species?
If a photon lost 40% of its mass how would that affect its speed?
If plants require CO2 for photosynthesis and O2 for cellular respiration, how can we assume there evolution?
Would there be any adverse affects mixing Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and Kratom in a brew?
What do you think of this though on TGR?