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Chemistry help!! please help!!?

  1. Explain the factors that would determine how quickly a piece of meat cooked on a barbecue grill. Why would the amount of water in the meat affect the speed of cooking?

  2. Imagine you have just baked a pizza in the oven. You've only let it cool for a minute, but you're hungry and you want to take a bite. To minimize your chances of burning your mouth, should you take a bite with a lot of sauce on it or a bite near the crust that contains very little sauce? Explain your answer based on what you have learned about thermal energy and specific heat capacity.

  3. At the end of a warm summer day, imagine you are jumping from the 80°F air into an 80°F swimming pool. Use what you have learned about thermal energy and heat flow to explain which direction heat from your body flows in the air and in the water, and why the pool feels cooler than the air.

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i may not be much help, but this is what i know:

  1. if you add water, it had a high specific heat, so perhaps it would cook slower than if there was no water

  2. sauce, but i don't know why

  3. haven't covered that yet in chem 101 at my university :o\

hope that helps... somewhat sort of...

Reference: currently taking chem!