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What punishment should men and women deserve?

for "objectifying" people? I mean -- isn't "objectifying" one of the most horrible crimes mankind has ever witnessed? Also, what should be done to save the "victims of objectification", and to support the "survivors of objectification"?

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A LOT of people who whine about being objectified bring it upon themselves, through their behaviour and appearance. Others actively encourage it because they think it will bring them empowerment or is a sign of liberation.

No punishment is needed. People just need to ignore it, or shut up about it if they are acting/dressing like objects.

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If you feel objectified you can just brush people off, ignore them, or give them close ended answers when communication is absolutely necessary. My definition of objectification is leering, staring, making lude comments or gestures to a point such that it becomes harassment. That can make a person very uncomfortable.

To be clear KIA I don't consider admiring someone objectification. Objectification is the root cause of harrassment and really can't be punished until it reaches the next level.

Example, Someone walks up to me and says, Jake you have a beautiful smile and tan after checking me out. That's fine.

On the other hand if they say," I can use a shot of mandingo tonight" after looking me up and down" I consider that objectification, since I've been reduced to a piece of meat.

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I don't understand how ogling or looking at someone is "objectifying". Punishing someone for thinking I'm some sort of object? They're entitled to their opinion, and I don't think people get punished for having an opinion, nor should they.

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