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what would it be like if u had no eyes?

Now, i know ppl think its a dumb question n jst say " blind" but its not as simple as that.

i mean, when we close eyes, its black or dark red cuz we r seeing the back of our eye lids.

besides, black is a color right? to make it more easy to understand, imagine u had no eye balls to begin with.

its easy to imagine us losing one of the five sense like taste or smell. we will simply cant be able to taste or smell or hear or feel.

but what would it be like if we had no eye balls? u cannot see "pitch black" if u had no eyes. theres nuthing to see, but what is it like to have nothing to see?

is it something we can never understand? and something blind ppl cant explain since they dont know what it is like to see?

or is there a simply answer to this that i dont know.

i think this is quite interesting, and wanna hear ur opinions

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