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Laws concerning child molesters?

I put this ? in GWS, because I would like to see how feminists would respond. I asked in politics somewhere, and was surprised at the answers. I pondered using the death penalty in clear cut cases. How can we protect our children when the laws let these sickos out continually to make room for a guy who got caught with a joint and was only hurting himself? It is a proven fact that they cannot be rehabilitated, so why keep them around at all? Some tried to make the case that the death penalty would be too easy, and that they should suffer in prison. How does making them suffer protect our children in the future? Wouldn't it be wiser to just remove them from the earth permanently? Castration isn't feasible, as it's an act of power. What are your thoughts on outdated laws that aren't protecting our children?

Thank god for cell phones, or my kids would never get to walk to the store or a friends house. May be a false sense of security, but at least I can make sure they got there, etc.

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Man,I hear ya!Its enough to make one's blood boil.Castration doesn't sound bad to me.I could write a report on the subject.Would make alot of people mad.And I wouldn't care.I love cell phones too.A means of communication if they need me in an emergency,or the police.I would change a few things.If you do the crime,do the time.There are some crimes that are unexcuseable.CM is one of them.Calls for drastic measures.And the low lifes that protect them.

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It is a complicated question and you can't expect a simple answer to a complicated question.

There are probably many reasons child molesters do what they do, and some of them are comparatively benign while others are symptomatic of a much larger problem. An example of what might be benign would be a curious teenager who goes a little too far. He or she will probably outgrow that curiosity and be a fairly normal person.

But there are others who are seriously warped, and I think it's probably fair to describe them as mentally ill. If we were to execute these mentally ill people would that open the door to executing other mentally ill people? What would it do for a so-called retarded person who is on death row?

I think the problem needs to be dealt with, but we also need a better understanding of why we have it and what causes it.

I do favor capital punishment for murderers, some rapists, and a few other crimes, but all death sentences are almost automatically reviewed and sent through an appeals process which can take years.

Many of these death sentences are challenged. The death penalty is an imperfect punishment because it is so subject to appeal and also is very much under fire from citizens's organizations, activists, and attorneys. Sentencing someone to death is not a guarantee that he or she will be punished.

At this juncture the best protection against child molesters is parents who teach their children to be on guard against them.

Incidentally, chemical castration has worked in some cases. Generally, however, our best defense against child molesters is to know who they are, where they are, and who to report them to if they act on their impulses.