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The earth will be united in peace when we discover that we are not alone, when we see people in other planet?

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The only time the world will be united in peace is when Jesus returns. First, the Earth will be filled with wars and the false Christ (Antichrist) fooling even certain Christians on Earth who were not raptured by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The anitchrist of this world will have 1 world religion, 1 world government, and 1 monetary system. The European Union with their one currency is part of that. He will make many believe he is the Messiah by his false claims and miracles. When they take his mark on their hand or forehead they will have sold their souls to this beast with no return. Those who refuse the mark will be killed here with some by the guillotine. I know people will say today they have heard that story for years. What they have not understood was and is the events following since the birth of Israel as a nation in 1948. In the Old Testament (Talmud-Jewish and Christian Old Testament) events were prophesized as to the coming of Jesus, resurrection from the dead, and arising from the tomb to Heaven after 40 days on earth. Any major or minor prophet making a prophecy could not miss even 1 or were stoned to death. These true prophets told us what would happen from the book of Daniel and Ezekiel. All one has to do is study and compare the Old and New Testament and events that have occurred over the past 59 years will see how many prophesies have been fulfilled.

Look at how computers have changed our lives. Look how there are systems out there such as the RFID (used by Wal Mart, for one) to keep track of inventories and peoples buying habits. There are employers who have utilized an "iris" system instead to check in to their jobs as everyone's iris is not the same just like fingerprints. Families have had a chip imbedded in their hands the size of a grain of rice with medical information and for their children in case they are missing. The chip was first used for our pets. It's all unfolding before us and on the news every day.

The new world will not be out on the planets. There will be a New Jerusalem suspended above the Earth.

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Have you been watching 'Star Trek: First Contact' again?


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