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Why does American society, even after so many tragedies, tolerate bullies in schools?

The Today Show this morning had a segment about a beautiful young girl in middle school who was driven the point of considering suicide. Surely, Hell does not have a place hot enough for anyone who does anything so dispicable.

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Many parents are in denial and do not want to believe that their "angels" would bully anyone. To make matters worse, there are a lot of very violent children, teenagers. They sometimes menace the teachers just as much as they menace other students. Then, many of these parents themselves are adult bullies who will go to the school and fight the teachers for telling them the truth. If you want to understand the children, just look at the behavior of the parents.

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You are right. Bullies have been a problem in schools for generations. I think parents and teachers should be held more accountable for the learning environments that our schools provide. That includes the bullies ability to hurt and intimidate others.

That's the best long term solution.

Meantime, I have a useful observation for you. When confronting a bully, you don't have to win to make him stop hurting and intimidating you. You only have to hurt him. It won't matter if he hurts you more. Bullies are big babies, they don't like to be hurt. So all you have to do is to "get in a really good ONE", you'll probably be beaten after that, but at the next opportunity and the ones to follow, he will think twice about whether he wants to go after you again or not.