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i need pictures of physiology?

i need pictures that tells me where each of these items are in the human body.

-adrenal glands



-ascending colon

-left atrium

-right atrium



-brain stem

-carotid artery

-cerebal artery



-frontal lobe

-parietal lobe

-occopital lobe

-temporal lobe


-coronary artery

-coronary vein

-corpus callosum

-descending colon




-gall gladder



-illica crest

-hypoid bone

-femoral artery

-femoral vein

-interior vena cava

-jugular vein

-left kidney

-right kidney

-transverse colon



-left lung

-right lung




-pituitary gland

-pulmonary artery

-pulmonary vien



-sigmoid colon

-small intestines(jejunum)




-subclavian artery

-subclavian vien

-superior vena cava

-descending thoracic aorta

-thyroid gland

-thyroid cartilage



-left ventricle

-right ventricle

-xiphoid process

-pubic symphysis

if possible, tell me the function of it too. gladly appreciate it, i know i should be doing my homework, but school's about to start, and i just came back from my trip. 10 points to who ever that can help me

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