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How true is it that the most vocal homophobic people are indeed homosexual...?

but live in denial? Or that the most vehement accusers of perversion, molestation, promiscuity, insincerity, greed, etc actually carry these traits on themselves?

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it's not that they are necessarily gay. It's that they harbor fear of it, maybe discomfort, maybe bad memories. The fear shows itself as hate. Everybody in the world carries bad traits. No one is immune. What sets us apart is what we do with these traits, and do we let them rule our actions and thoughts.

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because they hate themselves. They want to not be that way but can't help it so they think that vocally denying it would either make it go away or they'll end up believing their own lie.

It's just so horrible in my opinion. If there is a hell, that must be it.

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well i think that homophobic people are afraid of chage and that they dont want to accept the fact that 2 people of the same sex can be together i dont think its true at all i think that it is just the oppisite

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Probably not very. Many people are vehemently against it because of religious convictions. Its like saying that someone is jealous of you just because they don't agree with something you say or do. Its a very weak argument.