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Why do we struggle to wards acquiring more wealth,not that there is anything wrong with it.?

As I was driving home from the office, I saw a minivan proudly displaying a bumper sticker that read: “Money Talks: Mine Says Goodbye.” I think a lot of people can relate to that sentiment.

Much of our living is spent acquiring and using money, which doesn’t last. The stock market crashes. Prices go up. Thieves steal others’ goods. Things wear out and break down, requiring the acquisition and expenditure of more money to replace what has been lost. The temporary nature of material wealth makes it a poor bargain in the search for security in an insecure world. Money is much better at saying goodbye than it is at sticking around.Any opinion guys and gals???

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If you manage your $$ well, you have less of a chance of living on a park bench or eating cat food when you are old. although there are never any gaurantees . . .

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it is true that people pay to much attention to money, no pun intended. apparently upper-middle-class people aren't any less happy than upper class people. but they keep trying to get richer anyway, because the media sends out the message that they'd b happier if they were richer because if we didn't believe that, people would quit their jobs and the economy would falter. and, no, the media is not tricking us, we just believe what works well for our economies rather than our individual selves.

Reference: daniel gilbert, stumbling on happiness

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I think it's very important to have enough money so that you don't have to worry about it.

It makes that part of your life a lot easier.