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Why do a lot of black people continue to give their kids 'ghetto' names,?

knowing they might be putting their kids at a disadvantage etc. I for one would not want people to start making judgments about my kids upon reading their names (on resumes, job applications, etc. etc..... yet many black people are so irresponsible as to name their kids after drinks, etc. and just in general make up crazy $hit... Why is that? Has anyone read Freakonomics by the way? It is interesting and sad.

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they do it to follow tradition. they aren't 'ghetto' names as much as they are simply traditional. most families do not want to forget their heritage and a name holds a lot of meaning for some families. and they do not do it to put their children at a disadvantage, rather to give them something else to be proud of. a name is unique. and outside of their own home country, many of the names are very rare so therefore the name is something unique to them in their particular area.

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Yes, I did read Freakonomics, especially the part about the father who named his kids "Winner" and "Loser," or the two kids named Orangejello and Lemonjello. Or the girl named Temptress. It's unfortunate that they will be labelled this way, but keep in mind you can change your name.

To be honest, the first thing that popped into my head is "why don't more white people name their kids creative names?" I don't like boring average names either.

Mishy is a pretty name :)