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elephant hunting?

Is it still legal to hunt elephants in some places? I saw them doing it on tv. How is this possible? That mammel is constant threat of extinction. Some guy gets a good feeling when he puts a bullet through about 5 organs and the earth comes closer to loosing a species? I sure hope he had a fun filled after-noon of hunting. I have fun by playing frisbie. What does it do to the groups social structure when they see their members killed? I can see hunting deer or another species that is ample and will consistently replace it's lost.

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No, it has not been legal to hunt elephants for many decades. Perhaps the film footage was quite old when it was still legal. It isn't just to protect elephants from extinction it is a fact elephants are much, much smarter than deer, cattle, or pigs and so forth that the elephant is a thinking, reasoning intelligent being with very human-like feelings and emotions. The elephant is the only other being besides man that shows sympathy and mourns the loss of a member of its herd. I even saw where poachers had slaughtered half a herd by the entrance to a cave and even though it was decades earlier the elephants showed fear and hesitation whenever it approached the cave mouth to leave.

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The people who hunt should be punished.They are the type of people who will ruin earth.