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Anyone willing to help with a Sociology report?

  1. How many cultures have you came in contact with?

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My father was an engineer and we moved with the jobs about 13 times. It was hard to give up friends and home each time. A strong family unit.

A strong German family with two brothers and two sisters, strong attatchments to all relatives.

To sell a book I wrote.

My father was very religious and I am so glad he taught us how to live right.

Not sure what cultures means...was in Mexico City one week. Would hip-hop, fundamental religious people, or environmentalists count?

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  1. i grew up in the small island of Malta. i do not like my childhood since i grew up with an alcoholic mum so there are a lot of bad memories.

  2. well...mother and father, younger sister and brother.

  3. i wish to live a happy life, that is my biggest dream. i would also like to graduate and be successful in my future job.

  4. obviously being a female does affect who i am.

  5. australian (can you call it a culture?), muslim, austrian.