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Physics help please! Lateral Acceleration?

The "cornering performance" of an automobile is evaluated on a skid pad, where the maximum speed that a car can maintain around a circular path on a dry, flat surface is measured. Then the centripetal acceleration, also called the lateral acceleration, is calculated as a multiple of the free-fall acceleration g. The main factors affecting the performance of the car are its tire characteristics and the suspension system. A certain car can negotiate a skidpad of radius 62.2 m at 86.0 km/h. Calculate its maximum lateral acceleration.

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In the following work, 'ac' is centripetal acceleration, 'v' is the tangential velocity and 'r' is the radius of the curvature of the road.

First I will convert the units of velocity:

86.0 km/h = 23.9 m/s

ac = v^2/r

ac = (23.9)^2/(62.2)

ac = 9.18 m/s^2

Reference: Physics, AP Physics.