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Check my grammar please..help american or european citizens there.?

hi there, well I had a conversation through forums. And this arrogant man saying his a call center agent wrote that my grammar is incorrect.. Well this is what i wrote

(After a long discussion, I wrote at the end)...." If you got what I mean"

He highlighted my words and said that my grammar is incorrect supposedly it's " If you GET what I mean" not GOT..And added Torn from the pages of the book of Singapura!

Well If my grammar is incorrect, can you give me ways to rebuttal or to defend what i wrote.. And please site explanations and examples.. Please help especially those english speaking citizens from U.S or Europe. I felt I'm insulted! Please help guys.

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I'm afraid you were wrong. Even if it was in the past it's better to say 'get'. I don't understand what you mean about Torn and Singapura.

I think you are being way too petty by looking for some clever reply. Just learn from the mistake and move on!

Did this other poster actually insult you or just correct you? There is a difference. If he was rude then you should call him on that but you were incorrect in using 'got'.