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When people say they look for someone with a sense of humor?

i always thought that meant someone who was funny,but the other day a woman got on my nerves a bit because she mentioned that she felt she had a good sense of humor because she laughs easily wtf? how doe's laughing easily mean you have a good sense of humor? she also mentioned that she was interested in men who have "a good sense of humor" so i remarked somewhat scathingly "so they laugh easily" and she looked at me like i was crazy and said "no someone who makes me laugh",i didn't know there were people out there like this,how can someone be so oblivious of there hypocrisy and selfishness,conversely are there people who think "good sense of humor" means people who laugh at there jokes?

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It seems that she doesnt know what that kind of relationship would be like. Suppose her man came home and told her that he lost his job. Would she just walk out because he didnt say something funny?

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There are different kinds of humor. What you may find funny I may not find funny. If the person you like makes you laugh, then that's all that should matter.

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To me it means someone who can see the humor in life and in situations. Some people are so serious that they can't. I have always heard that you had to be intelligent to have a sense of humor. Someone who laughs easily might just be a dang idiot for all you know. If a man makes this lady laugh, I guess he's appealing to her own personal sense of humor. People that constantly tell dumb jokes and make puns aren't all that hilarious to me like they are to some people. In fact, I kind of hate it. Just being able to see the silliness in situations and laugh at it is what makes for a good sense of humor in my eyes.

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There is no standard for what "a great sense of humor" means. There are so many different ways to express humor and what is funny to one person falls flat with most other people. I guess you just have to get to know the person and see if things click.