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qualitis that make great scientists?

I need an essay on "QUALITIES THAT MAKE GREAT SCIENTISTS". Can any one help me regarding this.

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Being curious about things. An on-going urge to find out "why". Patience (there are a lot of false starts). The ability to look at a "failure" as just another step in the process of discovery (there really are no failures). Meticulous attention to detail. Willing to subvert one's own ego if findings or speculations are questioned. Willingness to listen to other people. The ability to employ linear and non-linear thinking as the situation requires.

One of the greatest inventors, Benjamin Franklin, was a man of great common sense. Did you know that people in his day thought lightening was a curse sent down from God? The practise used to be to send the bell-ringer into the church towers to ring the bells to convince God to stop the lightening. They lost more bell ringers that way! Franklin decided to look at lightening pragmatically, and was able to test and tinker and observe until he was able to explain a natural phenomenon previously thought of as "magic". And, he saved a lot of bell-ringers lives! Not to mention fires by the use of a lightening rod.

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More than anything, its the ability to think creatively and manipulate objects in their minds, ie to think abstractly.

I work with both basic scientists and MDs and when you compare the average member of either group, they fall into the same categories. MDs tend to be adept at memorizing huge amounts of information quickly, but tend to be poor at "thinking outside the box". PhDs tend to rely on contant research and reference of the facts, but excel at manipulating systems mentally, giving them the ability to hypothesize an outcome prior to experimentation.

Dont even ask about MD/PhDs!!

Just my 2 cents.