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Please answer this question?

I need this for homework but unfortunately forgot the book that goes along with it. Please answer this whole or just the ones you know. North Carolinians will most likely know these answers.

The (blank) of North Carolina is generally moderate year-round.

Stretching inland from the ocean is a flat region call (blank).

Water is one example of a valuable (blank).

North Carolina's (blank) is divided into three distant regions.

The (blank) is marked by rocky river rapids and low waterfalls.

All living and nonliving things in a region make up its (blank).

The mixture of clay, sand and decaying plants is called (blank)

North Caroline lies in the (blank), a strip of warm weather states that run across the southern United States.

The barrier islands that make up the (blank) protect the mainland from storms.

I plead for a proper answer. Thanks for those who care enough to try! If there are any....

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